BREAKING: Bodies Everywhere After Van Plows Through Crowd Of People Shopping


With the current state of the nation, and the president of the United States’ stance on, not only hateful speech, but hateful acts in the name of preserving the white race, and not angering his uneducated fanbase, it is possible that Trump’s rhetoric is reaching people abroad, almost condoning anything they may want to do.

Less than a week after the nazi terrorist attack in Charlottesville, Virginia that took the life of 32-year old Heather Heyer, another awful event has taken place. On the busy streets of Barcelona Spain, a crowd of people were run over by a van who was purposefully aiming for people.

Barcelona police are labeling this as a terrorist attack, and video coming from the scene is very hard to watch. Bodies are scattered throughout the streets of the busy shopping area for tourists visiting Spain.

It is unknown how many people were injured, or the number of fatalities, but bodies can be seen in the streets.

UPDATE: Reports of two armed men in a restaurant were just released.

UDPATE As of 9:34am PST: People are being held hostage inside a bar restaurant. Two people have been confirmed dead.

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