Melania Trump Tweets Phony Barcelona Message & Social Media Responds In Force


Melania Trump wasn’t active on social media before taking on the role of First Lady of the United States. She wasn’t involved in political issues, and she certainly didn’t drop hints that she kept up with current events. Melania is a fake, and she’s really bad at it, too. She just wants to be pampered and enjoy money she didn’t earn, and she never foresaw her idiot husband winning the election; let’s face it, none of us thought it could happen.

But when Melania attempts empathy and compassion for others, especially the poor and underprivileged, people everywhere cannot restrain their anger. So, when the events of Thursday morning unfolded in Barcelona, Spain, the last thing anyone wanted was to hear from the White House fem-bot, especially before the POTUS had even addressed it.

On the morning of August 17th, 2017, terrorists attacked a crowd of people shopping in Barcelona, and the death-toll still isn’t in. Video footage from onlookers immediately began to pour in via Twitter; the scene was total chaos. Bodies were everywhere, every few feet you could see the twisted remains of what was a happy living person just moments before.

Just a couple hours after the terror attack, and before the crime scene has been restored, Melania tweeted her lazy condolences after some White House aid likely said she should probably express some sort of emotion to ensure Americans don’t think the First Lady is a blow-up doll.

Boy, she really put a lot of effort into that one. It probably took all the energy that crumb she ate for breakfast provided her, and now she’s napping. Since Melania can barely hold her eyes open most times, it’s safe to say this was not her idea, and Twitter users posting in her comment thread both agree and disagree.

Check out the Twitter responses below: