BREAKING: Several People Brutalized By Lone Terrorist In Busy Shopping District


Several People were stabbed, and one confirmed dead after a knife-wielding madman went berserk on a group of bystanders in Turky, Finland. This is a very rare occurrence in Finland, a country that has been nearly untouched by terrorist acts like the one that happened Friday.

The police shot and then apprehended the suspect in a shopping area called Puutori-Market Square, according to BBC. Police have warned people to stay indoors, as the threat of a second attacker may be a possibility.

Some reports say as many as six victims have been rushed to area hospitals, but no solid confirmation of a victim-count has been reported.

An eyewitness to the attack said this:

“I saw police shoot a person, a man I think. People were running and there was talk about a knife attack, possibly multiple perpetrators.”

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UPDATE: A video from the scene has been leaked claiming the suspect was an Islamic terrorist: