BREAKING: White House Source Reveals Why Steven Bannon Was Forced Out


The story behind why Donald Trump’s Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon was forced out of his position is much more shallow than anyone ever expected.

According to CNN, a White House source revealed that the reason for Bannon’s White House exit was that Donald Trump doesn’t like people stealing the “limelight” from him, and Bannon often did.

It’s unclear whether or not Trump’s Chief Strategist was fired or resigned, but according to CNN’s Jim Acosta, he may have been given the option to leave on his own.

Acosta reported:

‘It is believed that Steve Bannon resigned but it is also believed that he may have been given the option to resign… He was essentially forced out of his position as Chief Strategist at the White House. And one of the big reasons why, and we’ve heard this time and time again from people close to the President, is the President doesn’t like other people inside the White House stealing the limelight.

‘There were times that this just got under the president’s skin.’

It bothered people inside the White House that Bannon said the reason he did recent interviews was to purposely distract from the insane nightmare that happened when Donald Trump gave a press conference last week. Many people inside the White House, Acosta confirmed, felt that Bannon wasn’t a team player.

Watch a video clip below, via CNN:

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