Barack Obama & Joe Biden Are Back In The ‘Barry & Joe’ TV Show (DETAILS)


It’s interesting to see/hear people talk about the events in Charlottesville and empathetically offer #ThisIsNotUs as a response and platform to send messages that white supremacists’ behavior will not be tolerated in America. It’s interesting because everything the world watched take place in Virginia last week, is America. It’s even more interesting because it seems that it has been too easy for some to forget how Natives were treated and pushed off their land, and African slaves were torn from their homeland, made to endure horrendous conditions to get to the “new world,” raped/beaten once they arrived, and brutally forced to cultivate land and build a country that was never being started with them in mind.

What happened in Charlottesville isn’t surprising. Albeit abhorrent, ignorant, and reflective of his own racist ways, Donald Trump’s lack of response, hasn’t been surprising either. This is America and everything of the last week is in line with the events that have taken place since “. . . fourteen hundred ninety-two [when] Columbus sailed the ocean blue” and “discovered” a new land that was old and considered home to the people living there.

No one really wants to hear any of the above, though. Therefore, when President Obama addressed matters of skin color and racism in America, people got angry. They said he was a racist. It was easier to rebuke Obama and Biden, who always supported and stood by his President’s side, than acknowledge over 600 years of systemic racism, hatred, and acts of domestic terrorism by white supremacists.

For the above reasons, the professional and personal courage it took for Obama and Biden to discuss skin color, religion, etc., and the roles those things play in America, was superhero-like. With that in mind, writer/director, Adam Reid, is looking to start an animated show with President Obama and Vice President Biden as the stars. Little information is known about the project, but what has been shared is that Obama and Biden would be led by famed scientists and engineers like Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Elon Musk, as they take on the world’s problems post-Trump’s inauguration.

A promo picture makes the show look quite action-packed:

brothers-from-dif-mothers Barack Obama & Joe Biden Are Back In The 'Barry & Joe' TV Show (DETAILS) Black Lives Matter Donald Trump Terrorism Top Stories White Privilege

The show, Barry & Joe, is in its early states and creator, Adam Reid, is currently seeking financial support in order to produce a pilot. Reid has a Kickstarter account and is seeking the $100,000 he says is needed to fund the project.

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