BREAKING: KKK Clash With Anti-Hate Protestors In Boston; Chaos Spreading Fast (VIDEO)


News reporters and other Twitter users are tweeting live from the Boston rally and the scene is entirely too familiar at this point. With those supporting their right to march in the name of racism facing off against those who stand against racist and xenophobic rhetoric, the atmosphere appears tense and explosive.

Videos from the scene are beginning to look much like the photos and videos from Charlottesville.

While police are working to keep the crowds separated, some of the interactions look less than peaceful.

Scott Dworkin, founder of the Dem Coalition and AM Joy contributor, is also tweeting live from Boston.

With those on the right insisting that their rally is about protecting free speech even though their right to assemble and speak has not been infringed upon (it’s really more about silencing their opposition and hiding their racist bent), and those on the left working to be a presence against racism, the day’s events will continue to be watched closely with hopes that the gathering will remain peaceful.

Featured image via Twitter by @VABVOX