Trump Humiliated After His Flagship Hotel Gets Nailed By Sweet Internet Justice (IMAGES)


The front of Donald Trump’s new Washington D.C. hotel flashed with projection art designed to get under the president’s skin. The relatively new art form throws an image upon a structure to make a statement, and did the Washington-based artist and filmmaker Robin Bell ever send a strong message to 45.

Bell focused his message on the Trump International Hotel’s entrance Thursday night. The artist used his van as his base to project slides reading in all capital letters “known racist and Nazi sympathizer,” according to the Washington Post:

‘The president of the United States is a known racist and a Nazi sympathizer.’

‘This is not a drill. We are all responsible to stand up and end white supremacy.’


‘Pay bribes here.’

Once people passed the hotel and posted pictures of the art online, the message took off. This was only one of Bell’s projected criticisms of the president. He also threw other powerful messages around D.C.

Thursday night, Bell projected an image on the Newseum, too. It was his tribute to Heather Heyer, 32, whom a white supremacist killed using his car as a weapon in Charlottesville. The Washington Post reported that the image read:

‘Heather Heyer 1985-2017.’

The artist also projected a dotted line onto a statue of a Confederate statue of Albert Pike located near the city’s Judiciary Square. The Washington Post wrote that animated image below it read:

‘Remove racism above the line.’

Then, a projected image of scissors cut the line.

Separately, some D.C. protesters hung a banner around a D.C. statue Friday morning, which read:  “modern confederates.” Washington, D.C. resident and community organizer Anthony Torres helped prepare the banner that named the “modern confederates” Chief of Staff John Kelly, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, and Chief Economic Advisor Gary Cohn. Torres. He told the Washington Post:

‘It is not just the usual suspects in the administration who support an agenda of white supremacy. It’s been reported that these men have been uncomfortable and upset about Trump’s rhetoric, yet they’ve done nothing. If they were serious about their discomfort with Trump’s overt supremacy, then they would resign from their posts.’

Bell has said that projection art is an effective form of protest because it sends a message without vandalizing property:

‘That is one of the big things that I’m trying to do — using our artwork to explain these stories that are tricky said about his emolument clause projections. If someone can laugh and look at something, and then talk about it.’

Check out this video of the projection below:

Featured Image Screen Shot via Washington Post.