Trump Jr. Posts Drunk Sounding Tweet & Brother Eric Awkwardly Comes To His Rescue


Donald Trump Jr, using his father’s favorite communication method, has been tweeting out some ridiculous nonsense. It’s not clear whether he was just tweeting about himself, another Trump, or something else ridiculous. He posted this on Saturday afternoon:

Then, his brother Eric Trump tweeted this back:

Donald Jr. got these quick responses:

Even Donald Jr’s own father tweeted this back at him!

It also becoming more apparent that President Trump himself is losing “friends” by the minute. His so-called friends are falling off like flies. His committee members are resigning leaving virtually no one around, charities are running from Mar-a-lago, and his staff members are resigning or getting the boot. The Trump family tweeters think they possess the world’s wisdom at their fingertips, but they end up making themselves look like complete idiots once they hit “post” or “send.”

Trump is a shining example to his son on the measure of a friend – It’s certainly not someone who sympathizes with Nazis or white supremacists.

Featured image by William Campbell/Corbis via Getty Images.