Trump Releases Wildly Misspelled Afternoon Message & Regretted It In 8 Seconds Flat


Donald Trump’s supporters have been busy marching to protest what they say is the removal of Confederate monuments and the infringement on their right to free speech, although it’s clearly about white supremacy and their anger that they can’t just silence their anti-racism opposition. In Charlottesville and, on Saturday, in Boston, rallies were held by these so-called “patriots,” one of whom killed 32-year-old counter-protester, Heather Heyer.

There are many interesting pieces to this tweet, although the glaring misspelling is the most obvious. To “heal” is to “to make healthy, whole, or sound; restore to health; free from ailment.” To “heel,” as in “bring to heel,” means “force to obey, subjugate.” It’s a rather odd Freudian slip.

Trump also just contradicted his supporters who say that racism was basically over until President Obama came along and divided us all. Racism is, and has been, a stain on our country since its founding. A decade ago, though, Obama was not in office. Trump just admitted that racism did not make a comeback with Obama, although he still refuses to admit that his racist campaign rhetoric emboldened the racist alt-right.

The tweet was quickly deleted and corrected. A second tweet followed:

While the tweet is at least spelled correctly, and it would almost appear that Trump may be listening to the somewhat saner members of his administration on his messages around racism, the tweet also can be interpreted a few different ways. Which “protesters” is Trump referring to? The group there who called themselves the protesters were marching for what they called “free speech” although none of them have been put in jail for simply marching or demonstrating. They just want to be able to be publicly racist without anyone allowed to oppose their views.

The counter-protesters showed up to protest racism, but Trump feels both sides are “equally to blame” for violence and that the “Alt-Left” full of hatred and bigotry, just as his supporters do. Which side, exactly, is he proud of?

Twitter was quick to respond.

Featured image via Getty/Drew Angerer