Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Gets A Dramatic Weekend Surprise That It May Never Recover From


A flood of organizations have begun washing themselves away from the Donald Trump this week. First, it was the major U.S. corporations. Now, seven charities and counting have cancelled fundraisers at the president’s winter White House, Mar-a-Lago country club in Palm Beach, but why?

The Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach was only the latest nonprofit, among some heavy hitters, to reject Trump’s luxury resort setting Saturday. In its announcement, the charity said it had cancelled its annual dinner dance. The nonprofit wrote that it is:

‘Dedicated to protecting and celebrating the unique architectural and cultural heritage of Palm Beach…(and) given the current environment surrounding Mar-a-Lago, we have made the decision to move our annual dinner dance.’

The Salvation Army, the American Red Cross, and the Susan G. Komen charities cancelled on Trump Friday. The American Cancer Society, the Cleveland Clinic, and The American Friends of Magen David also cancelled their fundraising events.

The Salvation Army issued a statement about withdrawing from Mar-a-Lago. Previously, the estate assisted their fundraising for disaster victims and the homeless, reported NPR. The charity’s statement said, in part:

‘Because the conversation has shifted away from the purpose of this event, we will not host it at Mar-a-Lago.’

The migration of organizations away from Donald Trump began after a press conference on Tuesday, where the president expanded his original stunning defense of neo-Nazi’s and white supremacists’ violence in Charlottesville, after the death of a 32-year-old woman. The president was supposed to be talking about his much-anticipated infrastructure plan, but he almost immediately dove into the other issue, saying “both sides the alt-right and alt-left” were to equally blame.

The American Red Cross released a statement that condemned Trump’s “discrimination” and said the organization had to provide, according to NPR:

‘Assistance without discrimination to all people in need, regardless of nationality, race, religious beliefs, or political opinions…(its connections with Trump’s club) has increasingly become a source of controversy and pain for many of our volunteers, employees and supporters.’

Trump has been increasing his family’s wealth on the back of his presidency, since he has spent over half of his weekends at one or another of his golf clubs. As various charities abandon his properties, the president will certainly face a substantial loss of resort income.

Check out this video of Trump’s ill-fated press conference where he blamed “both sides:”

Featured Image via Screen Grab from Business Insider‘s video, via Twitter.