‘AMJoy’ Host Joy Reid Goes Nuclear On A Nazi-Sympathizing Trump Supporter


Donald Trump’s response to last weekend’s white supremacist rally in Charotlessvile, VA, made several of his prominent allies, such as numerous CEOs, rethink their support of him. Those who have remained loyal to Trump are put in the awkward spot of being forced to defend the fact that many of his supporters are neo-Nazis, members of the KKK, and other white supremacists. Such was the fate of Ken Abramowitz, founder of Savethewest.com, when he appeared on MSNBC’s AMJoy.

During the segment, host Joy Reid asked Abramowitz why he thinks that so many white supremacists support Trump and praised him for his response to their rally.

‘Why do you suppose neo-Nazis and white supremacists like Donald Trump so much? They were praising him after his response on Monday to that march in Charlottesville. Why do you think they like him so much?’

Abramowitz replied that they shouldn’t be supporting Trump because Trump is not on their side before adding that some of them might have been provocateurs.

‘Look some of them could be provocateurs. ‘I’m sure some of them might say that. I’m not sure. But any fringe group can say they love whatever politician they want. It’s fake news, it doesn’t mean that politician believes in that ideology.’

Reid went on to ask why Trump called them “fine people” to which Abramowitz replied that there’s “no way to defend neo-Nazis.” However, Reid continued to press pointing out that Trump did, in fact, defend neo-Nazis.

‘But Donald Trump did, he defended them, he said there were fine people among them. ‘Jews will not replace us,’ he said among that group of young men who said that, they were ‘fine people.’ Do you think there were fine people in that group?’

Abramowitz conceded that there were, in fact, no fine people among those who chanted Nazi slogans.

‘No.  I don’t know anyone respectable would have been marching with them. Why any normal citizen would, so I’m in as much disbelief as you are.’

What Abramowitz, and other Trump supporters, are seemingly unwilling to admit is that white supremacist organizations see something they like in Trump and his administration’s ideology. That’s not to say that every Trump supporter is a white supremacist, but sometimes it does look like every white supremacist is a Trump supporter. That, alone, should give Trump pause. If you find yourself implementing policies that earn the support of the KKK or Nazis then you should take a long, hard look at your policies and try to figure out why such groups are on your side.

For more information, the entire segment can be seen below.


Featured image via screenshot from video.