Bannon’s Breitbart Goes For General McMaster’s Jugular In Highly Racist New Article


In the movie Mean Girls, there’s a scene whereby Regina bashes Janis to Cady, all because Regina and Janis are no longer friends. Regina goes into great detail about how Janis is on crack and a lesbian who dropped out of school because of fallout behind Regina’s all girls’ swim birthday party.

During the scene, Cady somewhat plays along with Regina’s mean girl routine, but it’s ultimately all part of a scheme that Janis and Cady have plotted that will allow many of the people who Regina’s mean girl posse have tortured to get revenge. Although Mean Girls is just a movie, there are many elements of the film that imitate aspects of real life for many middle and high school students.

Unfortunately, there are also far too many aspects of the movie Mean Girls that seem to be just like the Trump administration. For example, now that he has reportedly become the latest to be fired, ousted former Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, appears to be getting back at the Trump administration by telling ugly secrets and taking cheap shots at those who still remain in Trump’s cabinet, Mean Girls style.

In a disgusting article published by Breitbart on Sunday, Bannon’s publication claims Trump’s National Security Adviser, Gen. H.R. McMaster is “embattled.” However, that’s not the story. The real scoop is Breitbart’s allegation that McMaster endorses kissing apology ceremonies outlined in the Quran.

Or perhaps that’s not the story. Maybe the story is that Breitbart sees a problem with the prospect of McMaster, or anyone for that matter, supporting a tradition of Islam or any religion or set of beliefs that involves kissing, rather than, say, using a car to plow through a crowd of people simply because they don’t agree with your message of racism and bigotry.

Nevertheless, Bannon’s super sensationalized publication has made a whole story out of the claims about McMaster and it all seems to be part of Bannon’s plan to get back at McMaster and the Trump administration for firing him. Eerily like the aforementioned scene from Mean Girls, Breitbart’s article not only shows why Bannon needed to go, but reminds that the Trump administration still has it all wrong.

Even if McMaster does support the kissing apology practice, it would be better than him supporting white supremacy, racism, bigorty, etc., which is now the impression that the entire Trump administration has given in the days since their blah responses to Charlottesville.

A Young Turks video that breaks down the firing of Steve Bannon and McMaster’s possible role in it, is below:

Featured Image screengrab via Twitter.