Breitbart Runs Sunday Hit Piece Against Ivanka & Donald – War Has Begun


The political world was taken by surprise this past week when, on Friday, it came out that top presidential confidante and White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon would be departing the Trump Administration. A short while after the initial flurry of news reports about Bannon’s departure, it came out that he would be rejoining his old news organization, Breitbart.

The question immediately arose of how Bannon — and, more specifically, Breitbart — would react to the president’s chief strategist leaving Washington. Would the ultra right wing rag turn against the president? Would leaks about the inner workings of the administration from a “former top administration official” soon show up in the publication?

We now have an at least a partial answer.

On Sunday, Breitbart blasted a story with the following headline across their front page:

‘Report: Ivanka Trump Helped Push Steve Bannon Out Of The White House’

The story links to a report from the Daily Mail that makes the claims reflected in the Breitbart headline. The Daily Mail report begins with the following sensational claim:

‘Donald Trump’s controversial aide Steve Bannon was ‘pushed out’ by his daughter Ivanka and her husband because his far-Right views clashed with their Jewish faith, according to Washington sources.’

Check out a screenshot of the Sunday morning/ early afternoon Breitbart front page — in its full anti-Trump glory — below.

breiutbart-1024x516 Breitbart Runs Sunday Hit Piece Against Ivanka & Donald - War Has Begun Donald Trump Media Politics Top Stories

Untold numbers of far right Republicans look to Breitbart as an opinion setter — and as of Sunday afternoon, the conspiratorial rag is slowly but surely turning against the president. In other words, the president’s insistence upon surrounding himself only with people who are supremely loyal to him is backfiring big time.

Breitbart isn’t the first ultraconservative internet rag to turn on the Trump Administration, with the Drudge Report having long decided to go with running hits on the White House. Matt Drudge simply isn’t impressed with the president’s incompetence.

Still, Breitbart arguably has a much higher profile than the Drudge Report, so for Breitbart to run this personal hit on the president’s daughter is a major move.

Will the president care? It’s hard to say, and it likely depends upon how aggressive Breitbart actually gets in their future attacks on the Trump Administration.

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