Dan Rather Just Gave The Best Response Ever To Saturday’s Protests In Boston


Earlier this month, thousands of white nationalists descended upon the city of Charlottesville, Virginia, to “protest” the city’s plans to remove a statue of General Robert E. Lee. In the violence that resulted from their “protests,” three people died.

This past Saturday, Massachusetts, tens of thousands of people marched against racism in Boston, Massachusetts. These protests were planned to coincide with what ended up being a very small “Free Speech Rally” held in the city that was meant to support the “rights” of the white supremacists in Virginia and elsewhere. The rally was planned before the violence in Charlottesville unfolded.

Veteran newsman Dan Rather has now responded to this past Saturday’s anti-racism marches in Boston, in light of the slow but sure rise of white supremacists under the Trump Administration.

Writing on Facebook, Rather began with a forceful summation of the implications of tens of thousands of people rallying against racism, saying:

‘So much of the news of late has been about the deep and persistent divisions in our nation, divisions stoked by presidential rhetoric that has sought to exacerbate wounds rather than try to heal them. The voices emanating from one of America’s most historic cities was a powerful response. Hate will not replace us, a great, inclusive, and diverse nation.’

He goes onto explain, in delivering a sort of call to action for Americans, that the often deadly forces of racism that we have seen on full display since Trump took office have always been there. However, we now have the option to work to do something about them, or not.

Rather wrote:

‘America is realizing that it cannot sentimentalize its past, or excuse its bigotries, violence and hatreds. Nor can it ignore the challenges of the present. But the question lies in our future. Will this nation pick up the mantle of President Lincoln, President Roosevelt, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and all the countless men and women over the course of our history who have pushed, prodded, exalted, shamed and willed this nation on a path of greater justice?’

The answer to Rather’s question, judging by the massive protest presence against white supremacy around the country, is yes. There is no indication that vibrant opposition to the Trump presidency’s normalization of racism will be going away anytime soon.

Read Rather’s full post below.

Featured Image via Mike Coppola / Getty Images