New NBC Poll Finds Trump In Dangerous Position In Three Key States (CHARTS)


Donald Trump has just set the hot water he is in to boil. He failed to condemn white supremacists and turned corporate America and big non-profit hitters against him, among others. Now, his fatal mistake is showing up in the polls with his decline in the three states that won him the presidency.

NBC News/Marist conducted three polls in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. The results indicated that over 50 percent of registered voters now view the president negatively. Trump took the presidency with these three states, and now he has lost them.

Among registered Wisconsin voters’, their unfavorable ratings of the new president ranked 56 percent with only a 34 percent favorable opinion, which was the worst of all three states polled. Pennsylvania voters’ favorability of Trump stands at 35 percent, while 54 percent have an unfavorable view of him. Michigan voters’ favorability was only 36 percent versus his 55 percent unfavorability rating.

Unfortunately for him, over 60 percent of these states’ voters admit that Trump’s actions embarrassed them. The rate is higher in Wisconsin and Michigan at 64 percent of registered voters. Pennsylvania ranked him as an embarrassment at 63 percent.

When it came to Trump’s actions making voters feel proud, he came in at a very low 25 percent of those registered voters in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. In Michigan, only 28 percent were proud of their president.

This is an excellent opportunity for Democrats. The poll found that all three of these states now want a Democratic-controlled Congress. The interviewees in Wisconsin preferred Democrats by 8 percent. In Pennsylvania, voters preferred Democrats by 10 percent. In Michigan, they gave Democrats a 13 percent favorability margin.

The NBC News/Marist poll was done between August 13th to 17th, immediately following the Charlottesville violence and vehicular manslaughter of a 32-year-old woman in the counter protest. Trump’s first reaction to that tragic event occurred before the poll, too.  The pollsters interviewed 801 Wisconsin registered voters with a +/- margin of error at 3.5 percentage points. They interviewed 773 Pennsylvania voters with a +/- margin of error of 3.5 percent, and 795 Michigan voters with the same margin of error.

Featured Image via Getty Images/Mark Wilson.