Popular Pro-Trump Writer Begs America’s Forgiveness In Hilarious NYT Article


Donald Trump has done absolutely nothing to unify America, instead, he has unleashed a bold arsenal of tools designed to further divide the country. Yes, the U.S. desperately needs to take a serious look at immigration and getting a handle on undocumented residents and how they enter the country. However, instead of looking at that matter from a needs-based approach and figuring out how to work with various governments to address the issue, Trump went on the attack and singled out Mexicans as “rapists” and “thugs.”

Is there a need for the global community to look at extremists, worldwide? Of course, but instead of collaborating with other leaders to attack the issue of terrorism, Donald Trump chose to single out Muslims via his Muslim ban. At the same time, Trump has chosen to ignore the domestic terrorists that support him and live within the confines of the United States.

None of the above even scratches the surface of the manner in which Trump has taken the U.S. back decades where matters of gender equity, relations between people of different skin colors/ethnicities, socio-economic statuses, etc., are concerned. Time and time again, Donald Trump has proven that the only thing that matters to him is his privileged white agenda that is centered around enhancing the quality of life for the one percent of the country’s population that enjoys the comforts of money and power.

For the reasons above, and more, on Sunday the Los Angeles Times published a scathing op-ed about the need for Trump supporters, especially Republican politicians, to openly distance themselves from the polarizing person who has once again aligned himself with domestic terrorists. Ironically, just days before The Times’ call for dissent against Trump, conservative political writer, Justin Krein, must have been feeling the guilt of his part in this mess of a political scene playing out in Washington.

In a piece entitled, “I voted for Trump. And I sorely regret it,” Krein outlines his buyer’s remorse where Donald John Trump is concerned. To ensure there is no mistake about the key reason Krein now regrets his support of Trump, the chilling featured image of the article tells it all:

nyt Popular Pro-Trump Writer Begs America's Forgiveness In Hilarious NYT Article Black Lives Matter Donald Trump Racism Top Stories White Privilege

Krein can’t live with knowing that he voted for someone who enabled the events that transpired in Charlottesville. He writes:

‘Mr. Trump once boasted that he could shoot someone in the street and not lose voters. Well, someone was just killed in the street by a white supremacist in Charlottesville. His refusal this weekend to specifically and immediately denounce the groups responsible for this intolerable violence was both morally disgusting and monumentally stupid. In this, Mr. Trump failed perhaps the easiest imaginable test of presidential leadership. Rather than advance a vision of national unity that he claims to represent, his indefensible equivocation can only inflame the most vicious forces of division within our country.’

He also adds:

‘If Mr. Trump had been speaking about the overall political climate, he might have been right to say that “many sides” are responsible for exacerbating social tensions. Yet during the events in Charlottesville this past weekend, only one side — a deranged white nationalist — was responsible for killing anyone. To equivocate about this fact is the height of irresponsibility.’

Krein also points to Trump’s erratic behavior, lack of tact/diplomacy, failure to move one major policy forward, and other reasons for his regrets about supporting such a vile and disgusting person.

What are your thoughts? Is Krein’s open apology/admission of a poor choice repentance enough, or are his words too little, too late?

Featured Image screengrab via New York Times.