Terrified Racist Scrambles To Remove Black Doll In Noose After Angry Driver Threatens


Donald Trump and his white supremacist party have been stirring things up in the world lately, even bringing back the Ku Klux Klan and actual nazis. The entire world has been in disarray since Trump took office, but in America, in particular, there is civil unrest and disgustingly blind hatred.

Some loser in Oakland, yes Oakland, thought it would be a brilliant idea to drive down the freeway with a black doll hanging in the window of his car with a noose around its neck.

That all changed, however, when a black man approached his vehicle and demanded the driver take the doll down immediately.

The terrified man can be seen in the video struggling to get the noose out of his window, thinking any moment that he is going to be shot down my this “dangerous black guy” shouting obscenities at him.

After a few minutes of struggling with the noose, the racist is finally able to get it down, at which time, the black man tells him to toss it out the window.

Like a good little sissy, the racist complied.

Check out the hilarious video below and judge for yourself how shocking this behavior is.