JUST IN: Angry Charlottesville Residents Storm City Council Meeting Over KKK Neo-Nazis


With all of the discussion surrounding the national implications of the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, VA, it bears thinking about the residents of Charlottesville themselves. Today, the Charlottesville city council held its first meeting since neo-Nazis marched in the city’s streets and the town’s residents took the opportunity to voice their anger at their representatives’ failure to keep them safe.

After their scheduled meeting was shouted down, the city council agreed to hear from their citizens about the events. In short, the people weren’t happy. They recounted the hatred and violence they faced at the hands of white supremacists and their anger at the police department’s failure to protect the counter-protesters.

Many of the town’s citizens’ reactions can be seen on Twitter.

One of the main demands that the people of Charlottesville made was that the city immediately remove the statue of Robert E. Lee. The Confederate general’s statue was cited as the reason for the rally in the first place. The city had discussed the possibility of removing it and white supremacists rallied to preserve it. While some have argued that the statues should remain for the purpose of history, it has became clear that they are symbols of and rallying points for, white supremacy. As of right now, it’s not clear whether or not the city council will remove the statues. While many of those present at the meeting said they wanted it done overnight, there is a possibility that state law would prevent that from happening.

Regardless of the final fate of the statue, the events in Charlottesville have made it clear to everyone that racism is alive and well in the United States. How Charlottesville deals with the fallout of the previous weekend’s events remains to be seen.

Featured image via Getty Images.