Racist Protestor Outed By Local Newspaper; His College’s Reaction Is Priceless


As much as it resembled photographs in history books and depictions in movies, the Charlottesville, Virginia riots had one thing missing. What was missing was the imagery of white hoods covering the faces of those marching in support of bigotry and racism.

However, the lack of masking has been a good thing considering many banded together to find the identities of those marching. In a world of social media, it was not that hard to find, and many have lost their jobs and been kicked out of school, and with that, another one can be added to that list.

A young man from Pensacola, Florida has been expelled from his school for wearing a Confederate uniform while marching in Charlottesville. Even better is the fact that although many white supremacists cling to their misguided views on Christianity, the school Allen Armentrout was kicked out of is a Christian school.

Pensacola News Journal reported:

‘A Pensacola student who sparked controversy Tuesday by wearing a Confederate uniform to the site of a violent clash between white nationalists and counterprotesters has been kicked out of Pensacola Christian College…’

So far, Armentrout has made this statement:

‘I have been released from my school and will be unable to return to college to finish my senior year. I’m processing this and making adjustments to my life to compensate for this scrutiny.’

The college has said little about their decision citing student privacy issues; however, they did provide this comment to the News Journal:

‘Pensacola Christian College recognizes the dignity and value of all people, and we respect the history of America. We encourage individuals to exercise discernment and seek to build reconciliation, especially during a time of mourning like Charlottesville is experiencing.’

Armentrout was caught on video wearing a Confederate uniform with a Confederate flag in tow. He was also seen saluting the statue of General Robert E. Lee that was at the center of the horrendous rioting. Armentrout spoke with the News Journal later and commented he was at the riot to represent his history.

‘I am not an ignorant fool. I went up there to represent what I believe is right.’

He also added he wanted to “share the ‘true history’ of the American South.”

The problem with Armentrout’s reasoning is he dressed up in a uniform that glorified the traitorous actions of Confederate soldiers who broke away from America to keep their slaves. He marched among Neo-Nazis and KKK members showing some amount of solidarity with them even if he didn’t agree with them. He may have been peaceful throughout the entire protest; however, he contributed to their side. There are no fine folks on the side of Nazis.

Additionally, if he was there to protest peacefully to honor his history, why was he armed with a semi-automatic assault rifle and a pistol?

You can watch the video of Armentrout saluting the status in Charlottesville below.

Featured image screenshot from video.