JUST IN: Record Label Owner/Lawyer Fired For Neo-Nazi Affiliation (DETAILS)


It’s probably a good idea to ensure you hide your Nazi affiliations and/or beliefs, especially if you’d like to keep your job.

That’s what Aaron Davis learned, at least. The Minneapolis lawyer was outed by a local newspaper for running a fringe metal label with a history of supporting anti-Semitic and racist bands who’ve created songs like “Kill the Jews” and the album Behead the Semite. City Pages exposed Davis in an article detailing his involvement in Behold Barbarity Records and Distro, which caters to neo-Nazi audiences.


Davis’ law firm wasn’t particularly happy to hear about his side gig, though.

In fact, they were so disgusted with Davis that they placed him on “administrative leave” for his neo-Nazi affiliation. The law firm told City Pages in a statement:

‘Aaron Davis is no longer employed by Patterson Thuente Pedersen, P.A. Prior to the story, no one in the firm had any inclination regarding the allegations in the article.’

Davis may have tried to hide his neo-Nazi ties, though. According to the newspaper, “at first glance” the site “looks like any other low-production metal shop.”

‘At first glance, the website for Behold Barbarity Records and Distro looks like any other low-production metal shop: the Gothic type, the retina-killing red prose over a black background, the generous deployment of all-caps.

‘The site sold a customary catalog headlined by name bands like Slayer and King Diamond. But closer inspection reveals an exhaustive selection of more obscure titles, with album covers sprinkled with permutations of neo-Nazi symbols like swastikas and iron crosses.

‘Take Deathkey, whose 2010 album is called Behead the Semite. Then there’s Aryanwulf, whose songs include “Kill the Jews” and “At the Dawn of a New Aryan Empire.” There’s also the Raunchous Brothers, whose rhyming poetics include such passages as:

“..You’re of no use to me, you disgraceful fucking dyke, so I’ll shove you in the oven like the glorious Third Reich.”

‘As the titles swim into focus, it becomes obvious that Behold Barbarity is a virtual vault of neo-Nazi tunes.’

It looks like Davis just learned the same lesson as Bannon: being a Nazi does not, in fact, pay well in the long run.

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