Police Firing Tear Gas And Smoke Grenades Into Crowd Of Trump Protesters In Arizona: report


As the rowdy Arizona Trump rally wrapped up, Trump supporters were jovial after seeing the orange commander-in-chief give a campaign-style rally (despite having already won the campaign). Furthermore, protesters stood outside protesting his appearance and everything he stood for.

However, reports have started circulating that a disturbance in the crowd of protesters caused law enforcement officials clad in riot gear to respond by employing some type of riot-gear control methods. One reported posted a six-second clip of protesters running and a loud boom can be heard somewhere in the distance. The reporter tweeted:

‘My eyes are burning and I’m a block away. People tell me police deployed tear gas @abc15’

Another user posted an ominous photo of law enforcement surrounded by smoke.

‘Phoenix Police fire teargas at protesters after campaign rally #TrumpInPhoenix #TrumpRally #SheriffJoeArpaio @POTUS’

We will continue to monitor the situation for updates.

You can watch coverage of the protest below.

Featured image by David McNew/Getty Images.