Republican Posts About White Pride On FB – Has Massive Freakout Over Backlash


Earlier this month, in Charlottesville, Virginia, thousands of white supremacists assembled to “protest” the city’s plans to remove a statue honoring Confederate General Robert E. Lee. The violence that followed these right wing radicals descending upon the town ended with three people dead.

The president refused to personally single out the Charlottesville white nationalists for condemnation. Instead, he lumped them in the same category as left wing counter-protesters, saying that blame for the violence rests with both sides. He added that “fine people” were among the white nationalist marchers.

Although Trump has faced an unsurprising tide of backlash to his refusal to single out the white nationalists for condemnation, he has found support among the members of his base — including Pima County Arizona’s Republican supervisor Ally Miller.

Following the recent violence in Charlottesville, Miller made a Facebook post in which she proclaimed her “white pride.”

She wrote:

‘I’m sick and tired of being hit for being white…. It is all about making us feel like we need to apologize. I am WHITE-and proud of it! No apologies necessary.’

She gave a convoluted explanation for her post while appearing on James T. Harris’ radio show, claiming that she simply meant to attack “identity politics” — even though emphasizing her race literally plays right into the identity politics she claims to be against.

She told Harris:

‘I was expressing my frustration with the identity politics. And I think the American people are rejecting those politics, and I certainly will not be ashamed for the color of my skin.

That is, quite simply, not the point. It’s like she’s upset because she doesn’t have as much stuff to whine about as she thinks she should.

Only a very small minority of extremists have suggested that white people are, as a whole, somehow less than other races. The issue is with the assertion on the part of those gathered in Charlottesville that white culture, as represented by noted historical racists like General Lee, should be elevated as something special and original against a perceived onslaught of minority growth — there’s a difference.

Miller, with her Facebook post, claims to be addressing one issue, but she’s really simply backhandedly falling in line with the white supremacists in Charlottesville. There is no legitimacy for white supremacy, minorities aren’t trying to attack white people — they just want equality.

Miller has faced an unsurprising firestorm of criticism for her post, and in the face of this criticism, she skipped the most recent meeting of the Board of Supervisors on which she serves. Miller opponents showed up to the meeting, of course, which she no doubt anticipated while making her decision to skip it.

Instead of actually attending the meeting, she filed a request with the county for copies of any and all communications related to her Facebook post.

Bizarrely, Miller’s request for records of communications related to her Facebook post stretches back six weeks before she actually made the post. The county has not formally responded to the cowardly, belligerent Miller’s request.

Featured Image via Anadolu Agency/Getty Images