Anti-Semite Who Designed Trump’s Solar Eclipse Meme Finds Out Karma Bites Hard


Even though he should have known better, Donald Trump retweeted a disgusting solar eclipse meme. Now, the man who came up with it, Jerry Travone, is in hot water. The president had already experienced blistering criticism after blaming “both sides” for the Charlottesville white supremacist and KKK violence that ended in the death of a 32-year-old peace activist. Travone soon found out that karma is a funny thing.

This is the tweet that started off a chain of events that cost Travone dearly. He made national news with this crude tweet:

‘The President of the United States just retweeted this image,’

Since Travone has crawled out into the sunlight, the national attention caught up with him. A man happened to notice Travone’s racist tweet. Then, Kyle Griffin saw a tweet that showed that the guy was not only racist. He was anti-Semitic, too. Griffin tweeted that Travone hads been launching coarse tweets “complaining about Jews:”

‘So the man whose eclipse meme Trump tweeted this morning was complaining about Jews a few days ago.’

Self-described “YouTube actor and political junkie” Travone’s appalling tweet said “we have enough of these Jews:”

‘We have enough of these jews where I live lol someone else take them. They just can’t drive.’

All of a sudden, the racist, anti-Semitic tweeter discovered that he could not access the account for his t-shirt store, Pro Wrestler Tees. He said that someone had hacked him, but that was not what happened. Travone tweeted:

‘So I lost my @ProWrestlerTees store . That’s what happens when the left attacks you . You don’t even know you got hacked till it’s too late.’


It seems, another tweeter notified One Hour Tees that Travone “keeps slingin’ hate speech around:”

‘Hey @OneHourTees why dose Jerry have a store with you guys when he keeps slingin’ hate speech around? ‘

Travone’s guy’s ugly tweets did get back to the company that owned his store. As soon as the store owners found out they handled the situation right away, telling Henry “thanks:”

‘He doesn’t anymore. Thanks for bringing it my attention.’

One Hour Tees tweeted that the reason they closed the store was due to Travone’s anti-Semitism. The owners told him they “did that purposely since you hate Jews:”

‘Jerry Travone ProWrestlerTees It wasn’t hacked. We did that purposely since you hate Jews.’

Ah, Karma.

Featured Image via Getty Images/John W. Addison.