BREAKING: Trump White House Aide Delivers Sudden Thursday Resignation


Amid ongoing global criticism that he is grossly failing the nation where addressing racism, white supremacy, and domestic terrorism, is concerned, other aspects of the Trump administration seem to be taking a back seat. However, as the world, especially U.S. citizens continue to honor their duty to hold Donald Trump and his administration accountable, people can’t take their eyes and ears off other White House turmoil.

Poor employee management, lack of competent staff, and general dysfunction remain major problems within the White House. The Trump administration is neglecting their duty to keep citizens informed and members of Trump’s staff are dropping like flies. Quitting, being fired, or quitting before they’re fired, Donald Trump’s people management skills are turning out to be as bad as his money management skills.

As if the explosive departure of Trump’s now frenemy, Steven Bannon, didn’t set the tone for what has turned out to be yet another tumultuous week for the already embattled commander in chief, it appears that another position within the White House is vacant, and no one seems to be saying much about it.

White House Director of Rapid Response, Andy Hemming, parted ways with the Trump administration on Monday. Said to be a “mutually agreed upon” resignation, Hemming left his $89,000/year position to take a vacation and explore other opportunities.

Fortunately for tax payers, Hemmings’ role isn’t one that will likely be missed by anyone but Trump. Hemming was paid his comfortable salary to find and disseminate positive stories about Trump. Since there aren’t many of those stories anyway, Hemmings’ job is one that Trump’s adolescent son, Barron, could easily do in exchange for his weekly allowance.

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