Trump Berates McConnell, Ryan, & Obama In Thursday Morning Twitter Frenzy


While nothing about the Trump presidency is normal, a president endlessly criticizing members of his own political party is an all new level of craziness. Trump seems more concerned with ensuring his own party members, the people with whom he is supposed to be working to pass “yuge” tax reforms, healthcare reforms, and an agenda to “make America great again,” don’t get reelected in 2018.

In a strategy well known to Republicans, Trump attempted to bury legislation around raising the debt ceiling, which is necessary to continue funding the government, into his new Veterans Administration bill. The VA bill was popular on both sides of the aisle. If Democrats had opposed the bill because of bad legislation around the debt ceiling being added, Trump and other Republican could have easily pointed fingers at the Left and say they did not support our veterans.

It seems Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell were more concerned with passing a bill to help veterans than tricking Democrats into opposing that bill with harmful economic legislation buried inside. Instead of working with members of his party to pass his agenda another way, Trump called them out by tweeting out criticism to his 36 million followers. That’s the new presidential in America.

Trump quickly shifted back to some of his favorite targets: President Obama and the media. After retweeting a meme in which Trump “eclipses” Obama – as if Trump somehow believes he pushed Obama out of office after his predecessor served a full two terms in office – Trump complained more about the media accurately portraying his Phoenix rally and Reno speech to the American Legion and noted their contradictions.

After all, Trump has decided that his rally speech was “dynamic and fun” and his American Legion speech was “strong.” How dare the media not report what Trump tells them to?

Twitter was quick to respond.

Featured image via Getty/Nicholas Kamm