Trump Writes Guidelines Banning Transgenders From The Military & People Are Livid


Recently, Donald Trump made an announcement on Twitter regarding transgender individuals in the military. In short, the president announced that such individuals would no longer be allowed to serve in the armed forces “in any capacity.” The announcement, which was made in a series of tweets, prompted the Pentagon to issue a statement saying that such policies could not be announced via Twitter and had to go through proper channels. Well, now there are reports that Trump is about to submit his guidelines to the Defense Department in order to begin implementation of his transgender ban.

The two and a half page memo will reportedly give Defense Secretary James Matthis six months to implement the ban. The new rule would also ban transgender individuals from enlisting in the military and bar the military from paying for medical procedures relating to transgender issues.

In terms of legality, Mattis has been ordered to consider deployability, the ability to serve in a war zone or other long-term mission, as the main criteria for whether transgender individuals should be removed from service. Trump’s original tweets cited the cost of medical procedures. Trump’s announcement likely played well with his conservative supporters, but it’s drawn fire from members of both parties and from those within the military. Many transgender individuals came out in 2016 after the Defense Department announced that transgender people could openly serve. Trump’s new policy throws the status quo into chaos.

As of right now, it appears that Mattis will have to implement the ban, but five transgender service members have filed a lawsuit alleging that Trump’s order was made without consultation of top commanders. The suit names Trump, Mattis, and other military leaders as defendants.

Featured image via Getty Images.