U.S. Rep. Invokes 25th Amendment To Demand An End To Trump’s Administration


The president is, by all appearances, a fairly unstable person. He talks at times like a maniac, ranting and raving against every target imaginable and freely shifting in and out of reality.

How long will this unstable president maintain his hold on the White House? Will he be impeached? Will he resign in the face of mounting criticism instead of facing accountability for his crimes?

Democratic U.S. Rep. Jackie Speier says that it’s time for the president to go — but via a different mechanism from either impeachment or resignation.

Appearing on CNN this week, she stated that the president should be removed from office under the 25th Amendment, which allows the Vice President and presidential Cabinet members to make the Vice President the Chief Executive in the event the president is unable to discharge his duties.

The conditions under which the 25th Amendment would allow these individuals to make such an assessment include physical and mental incapacitation on the part of the president — and Rep. Speier says that Trump is showing clear signs of the latter.

CNN’s Jim Sciutto asked Rep. Speier:

‘What specific examples can you cite as evidence that the president is not stable enough to do his job?’

In her response, she cited an array of incidents, including his belligerence towards North Korea and his belligerence over the issue of the recent white nationalist-fueled violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

As she explained:

‘There is a growing mountain of evidence that the president… has shown mental instability. It was crystallized last week with… his comments about “fire and fury” that he offered up against Kim Jong Un in North Korea and how we would “take him out,” followed by his back-and-forth on Charlottesville, and how he really became almost abusive, in calling people out, when he was telling from his soul what he thought about the Charlottesville incident.’

Speier also cited the apparent declining quality and sophistication of the president’s interviews and public statements. He has, indeed, become infamous for his erratic speaking patterns.

It’s not at all a given that the Republicans in control of the federal government, including the Vice President and the president’s Cabinet members, would even think about whether Spier’s suggestion is a decent idea.

Watch her appearance on CNN below.

Featured Image via Mark Wilson/ Getty Images