BREAKING: John Kasich Team Leaks 2020 Announcement That Has Trump Furious


Many have been counting down the days until year 2020, when the president will be forced to run against those keen on being the next president, in hopes that someone will be able to take Trump out of office. Things are already in the works for who will run, with some promising prospects emerging.

According to reports, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, and Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, also known as “the Johns,” have been making multiple joint appearances to talk about state-driven improvements to health care. It seems that talking about health care isn’t the only reason the pair has been working together, but rather a chance to gain momentum toward a joint independent bill for president in 2020, most likely with Kasich being at the top of the ticket.

According to a source close to the negotiations, discussions surrounding a possible presidential run started after the pair of Johns got to know each other during a conference after the 2016 presidential election. Further evidence of a potential bipartisan ticket was cited, being that Kasich invited Hickenlooper to visit New Hampshire, the state in which Kasich came in second during the early days of the 2016 GOP primary.

The pair may be a good team to run against President Trump, as Kasich has been one of the GOP’s biggest critics of all things Trump. Hickenlooper has been widely regarded as a potential 2020 Democratic candidate.

The duo, it is reported, could run against Trump on state-centered improvements to the United States’ struggling healthcare system, in addition to their strong message of job training and trade reform.

It was also reported that the governors are in the process of discussing the possibility of launching a talk show with major media companies. The talk would help them brand themselves as bipartisan governors who are capable of working across the aisle. The report reads:

‘The two are talking to major media companies about a possible podcast or cable show to continue cementing their brand. Their conversations would include politics, policy, and pop culture.’

Twitter users had mixed feelings about the news of a possible bipartisan ticket, but most were in support because anything is better than what we currently have.

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