Deranged White Man Arrested With Stockpile Of Firearms & Nazi Propaganda (DETAILS)


Donald Trump and others on the right are quick to talk about the dangers of young Muslims, usually those of Arabic descent, who become radicalized by Islamist propaganda. While such people are, of course, a threat, the right seems content to ignore the threat posed by right-wing extremists. The recent violence in Charlottesville, VA, provides one example, but a story from Australia provides another example of the dangers of white supremacist ideology.

Michael James Holt was arrested last year for stockpiling a cache of homemade guns in several different residences, including his grandfather’s house. In addition to the guns, police found child pornography in the man’s home. Upon his arrest, the police searched his phone records and found several disturbing text messages where he discussed a desire go on a mass killing spree.

One message said:

‘I’m fully prepared to shoot cops if I have to especially American c—s.’

Another, dated from the same day, read:

‘And then I will kill until I die.’

Holt’s attorney said that the texts were not necessarily indicative of actual plots to commit murder, but could be read as a “rant.” He also added that Holt had been obsessed with guns since childhood and had expressed feelings of loneliness. Holt is also said to have stated:

‘Gonna have to just start killing people if I don’t get laid soon.’

While we don’t claim to fully understand the workings of Holt’s mind, it is clear that there is a degree of misogyny inherent in his ideology. After all, his statements come across as someone who feels entitled to sex and relationships. However, Holt reportedly told a psychologist that he hates porn and has no attraction to women. The judge, understandably, was not convinced by Holt’s statement.

Judge Jeffery McLennan said that he found Holt’s words and actions to be personally disturbing.

‘The combination of someone who has this obsession with firearms, his interest in child pornography and the kind of expressions [contained in the text messages], I must say I regard, personally, as deeply disturbing.’

In terms of ideology, Holt displayed a fascination with white supremacy and Nazism. He is reported to have told a school counselor that be believed that Hitler was the greatest person who ever lived. He was also reportedly a member of the Christian Separatist Church, which is a white supremacist church. Holt was also said to have Nazi iconography and propaganda in his apartment. It is clear that at least part of Holt’s desire for violence was rooted in white supremacist ideology. Thankfully, he was caught before any harm could be done, but there are plenty of others out there just like him.

Holt’s story provides us with yet another example of the dangers of white supremacy. Trump seems very focused on the threat posed by Islamic terrorists, but he is ignoring the fact that his words and actions have stoked the flames of white supremacy. The majority of mass shooters in the U.S. have been white men and Holt appears to have been following a similar path in Australia.

Featured image via Getty Images.