Obama Official Just Called Trump Stupid – W.H. Implosion Expected In Minutes


As has been pointed out time and time again, for a president seemingly so hellbent on eradicating “fake news,” Donald Trump sure seems to be fond of the stuff when it suits his purposes. It fits right into why he so often calls out mainstream news outlets as “fake news” — his point is to push his own agenda, not to push the truth.

In this light, Trump has appeared on Alex Jones’ show InfoWars in the past, and since appearing on the show, he has indicated that he is fond of the “news” outlet. He has also shown support for other mainstays of the far right internet news scene like Breitbart to the point of having Breitbart head Steve Bannon serve as his chief strategist for seven months.

He’s not just bringing on members of the far right online news “army.” He is also an avid consumer of the information put out by “news” sites like InfoWars and Breitbart. Remember earlier this year when the country was up in arms over the president’s allegations that he had been wiretapped by the Obama Administration? Trump got the idea that such had taken place from a Breitbart article.

Remember Trump’s still persistent claim that millions of people voted illegally in the 2016 election? That claim, as well, came from the right wing underbelly of the news media, having its at least partial genesis in a series of InfoWars articles.

A former Obama Administration spokesman has now joined the chorus of voices speaking out against the president for his shaky relationship with the truth, and he’s rightfully harsh in his characterization of the president.

Tommy Vietor, who was a spokesperson for both President Obama and the National Security Council, was asked by BuzzFeed whether or not Obama’s aides ever worked to get favorable news coverage from left wing news sites in front of the president.

This question was birthed out of the recent flurry of news reports about aides working to get news coverage in front of the president that reinforces his willful delusions.

Vietor told Buzzfeed:

‘President Obama is an adult who can independently vet information so we treated him accordingly. President Trump’s staff apparently believes that he’s too stupid to figure out that Infowars is garbage.’

Apparently so, Vietor.

Vietor’s comments come in the immediate context of reports about a change in the way that information flows inside the White House. According to POLITICO, Trump’s Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly now pre-approves any document that the president sees.

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