Racist Woman Punched In The Face Repeatedly After Spewing Vile Hatred (VIDEO)


Much has been said lately about the “violent Left,” including in comments by the president who blamed the Charlottesville violence on “many sides” instead of the side of white supremacists, and those fighting racism are suddenly being criticized as strongly as those promoting it.

In a Florida hotel lobby, a racist white woman made a comment to another white woman about Haitian people and insulted the woman’s biracial child, spurring a verbal altercation. When the racist proceeded to scream in the other woman’s face and eventually wrap her hands around the other woman’s throat, she got quite a bit more than she bargained for when the woman she attempted to choke defended herself.

Police were called, security swarmed the lobby, and the racist woman tried insisting that she had been attacked and that she is three months pregnant. In a moment worthy of a standing ovation, the woman who defended herself said that if her attacker is pregnant “I don’t know why you was [sic] in my face like that, then.”

Although the woman who made the racist comment insisted to police that she was the one who had been attacked, stating repeatedly that she is pregnant, the entire encounter was caught on cell phone video and that story was quickly debunked since the racist woman had clearly wrapped her hands around the other woman’s throat. Video of the encounter quickly went viral.

Explaining her side of what happened, Colleen Dagg, who can be seen being attacked and defending herself in quick fashion, posted on Twitter.


Her post drew praise and cheers from Twitter users who viewed the video.

Featured image screengrab via YouTube