Steve Bannon Just Threatened Mitch McConnell Like A Schoolyard Bully – Trump Silent


Donald Trump is a volatile man, and he surrounds himself pretty much solely with those who are volatile as well. Thus, it’s become par for the course by now for the president’s inner circle to be rife with “palace intrigue.”

It’s in light of this that earlier this month, Trump’s somewhat longtime Chief Strategist Steve Bannon dropped off the Trump Administration after pressure from the president’s new chief of staff, retired General John Kelly. Bannon is a combative man, and his combative personality clashed with the president’s desire for all of the attention to be on him, and that was that.

Now that Bannon is out of Washington, D.C., he isn’t exactly about to set aside his combative personality anytime soon. He has now returned to his former job as head of the far right “news outlet” Breitbart, and there has been talk that he’s ready to take aim at his former boss now that he’s no longer so directly in his shadow.

For now, Bannon has shied away from the suggestion that Breitbart will go after Trump under his renewed leadership — but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have a list of GOP targets for his publication lined up.

The president and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have had a very public falling out in recent weeks, with Trump pinning blame for the failure of GOP efforts to repeal the ACA pretty much solely on him.

Bannon explained in a sit-down with The Economist that now that he has his “power” back at Breitbart, he’s going to side with his old boss and include McConnell in his list of propaganda targets. He told the publication, “Mitch McConnell, I’m going to light him up,” adding a jab at the longtime GOP leader alongside jabs at interests ranging from China to those of upper class Americans, who he described as “a bunch of globalists who have forgotten their fellow Americans.”

Bannon insisted that his departure from D.C. was voluntary, adding, as mentioned, that he’s not going to be specifically targeting Trump from here on out.

Even still, his shying away from the idea of attacking the president came with a qualification.

As he explained:

‘We will never turn on him. But we are never going to let him take a decision that hurts him.’

Bannon also explained to the publication his reasoning for his actions back when he joined the Trump team in the first place, saying:

‘The country was thirsting for change and [Barack] Obama didn’t give them enough. I said, we are going for a nationalist message, we are going to go barbarian, and we will win.’

Just because Bannon is gone, that doesn’t mean that the Trump Administration will all of the sudden become a model White House. In a way, Trump is worse than Bannon, because at least with Bannon, we can reasonably predict what he will think about something. With the president, there is little to no real way to predict exactly what he will think about something. He simply does not care enough about the substance of the office of the presidency to actually worry about staying on any track at all, let alone the right one.

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