WH Releases Official Statement On Sebastian Gorka, Calls Him A Liar (DETAILS)


On Friday, President Trump’s Senior White House aide Sebastian Gorka  left his position, surrounded by controversy over whether he resigned or was fired. The 46-year-old Gorka has been accused of ties to far-right groups and also claimed to have a good amount of knowledge on counter-terrorism, which was questionable.

Despite the fact that Gorka released a resignation letter, two White House officials indicated that instead of resigning, he was tossed out, and a third official said the “writing was on the wall” that White House Chief of Staff John Kelly wanted Gorka out.

A White House administration official released this statement:

‘Sebastian Gorka did not resign, but I can confirm he no longer works at the White House.’

Gorka was originally born in London to Hungarian parents, but recently became a U.S. citizen. Gorka failed to obtain security clearance which made his role in the White House even more controversial.  The Washington Post writes:

‘Although Trump enjoyed watching his cable television appearances, in which he performed like a pit bull and taunted many news anchors for peddling what he and the president deemed “fake news,” Gorka had run afoul of many of his colleagues, including some on the National Security Council who considered him a fringe figure.’

Gorka had also worked at Breitbart, along with Steve Bannon, who went back to work for the organization again last week as the executive chairman. Bannon has been outspoken against anyone standing in the way of Trump’s nationalist agenda.

In his resignation letter to Trump, Gorka wrote:

‘It is clear to me that forces that do not support the [Make America Great Again] promise are — for now — ascendant within the White House. As a result, the best and most effective way I can support you, Mr. President, is from outside the People’s House.’

Gorka went on about the speech Trump gave about the war in Afghanistan on Monday night, saying:

‘The fact that those who drafted and approved the speech removed any mention of Radical Islam or radical Islamic terrorism proves that a crucial element of your presidential campaign has been lost.’

Then, he went on to say this:

‘Just as worrying, when discussing our future actions in the region, the speech listed operational objectives without ever defining the strategic victory conditions we are fighting for. This omission should seriously disturb any national security professional, and any American who is unsatisfied with the last 16 years of disastrous policy decisions which have led to thousands of Americans killed and trillions of taxpayer dollars spent in ways that have not brought security or victory.’

Gorka did not respond to The Washington Post for a request to comment on Friday evening.

Featured image by Mark Wilson/Getty Images.