American Police Chief Just Got Busted As Secret Leader Of Racist Hate Group


Earlier this month, in Charlottesville, Virginia, thousands of white nationalists gathered to protest the city’s plans to remove a statue honoring Confederate General Robert E. Lee. The ensuing violence ended with three people dead, including one counter-protester who was killed in a car ramming attack carried out by a white supremacist.

Since then, attention across the nation has naturally turned to examining the roots of the white nationalists in Charlottesville. They came from across the nation, and back at home, they and their allies have maintained hate groups that fostered that which was put on display in Virginia.

As the country did a bit of introspection following Charlottesville; Colbert, Oklahoma got a big surprise.

Reporters with local Oklahoma television station KXII-TV examined the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “Hate Map,” released in the aftermath of Charlottesville, which catalogs all the various hate groups that operate across the United States. The station found a hate group in their own backyard in the form of “ISD Records,” which, according to the organization’s website, facilitated the sale of music and music related materials from artists with open white nationalist beliefs, naming their albums things like “Hitler was Right.”

The station went down to the county courthouse to look up the certificate of ownership for the racist record company, and they found that back in 2004, the label was registered under the name Bart Alsbrook.

Bart Alsbrook just became the interim police chief of Colbert, Oklahoma.

The station confronted the interim chief about their findings, and his defense is almost laughably ridiculous.

After first flat out denying that he was the man behind the website, he claimed that he got into a fight with skinheads at a heavy metal concert in the 1990s and that they stole his wallet and have been using his name ever since.

What he doesn’t seem to have an answer for is the question of one, why he hasn’t done anything about this supposed identity theft since his wallet was allegedly stolen, and two, what motive these skinheads would have had to stage some sort of elaborate scheme to pretend to be someone else. It’s not as though they are exactly ashamed of their beliefs, and it’s not even as though the trail of evidence against Alsbrook ends with this old certificate of registration.

For example, the Southern Poverty Law Center has identified a man named Bart Alsbrook as a past Texas leader of the international web of hate groups known as Blood and Honor, adding that he led a group called NS88 Videos, which maintained an aim similar to that of ISD Records.

KXII found that county records identified Alsbrook as the site owner of NS88 Videos.

Tellingly, the websites of both ISD Records and NS88 Videos were stricken from the web shortly after the news organization’s first contacts with the Colbert interim police chief.

Colbert city officials would not comment on KXII’s findings, and it’s not immediately clear how quickly the process will go to actually find a new police chief. The city is on their third police chief in one year.

Featured Image via Chet Strange/Stringer/ Getty Images