White House Announces Trump’s Next Trip & It’s Enough To Make You Vomit


White privilege means that in the midst of crisis, one who enjoys said privilege can sit around as if nothing is going on. Then, when that privileged individual decides to display his/her version of addressing the issue(s) at hand, he/she can make it about him/her, or whatever he/she wants to make it about.

All of the above is exactly what Donald Trump did in the wake of the tragic events that took place in Charlottesville. He didn’t address the horrible acts of domestic terror. When he finally did, he made matters of white supremacy, racism, domestic terrorism, and Neo-Nazi displays, about “many sides,” as well as an opportunity to talk about his winery. Visiting Charlottesville and condemning the hateful behavior were the furthest things from his mind.

Now Hurricane Harvey, said to be a natural disaster that will impact Americans worse than Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, has ravaged the Gulf coast. Once again Trump doesn’t seem to care. Foregoing a chance to offer words of encouragement to those impacted, to instead praise himself, on Sunday Donald Trump once again showed why many consider him to be a textbook narcissist:

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He did a good job. Everyone stop and pat Trump on the back. It’s all about Donald Trump, not those who have lost everything and have no clue how they’ll literally pick up the pieces of their lives and move on.

Now, in yet another slap in the face to those affected by Harvey, Trump has decided that Sunday or even Monday isn’t the appropriate day to visit the storm-ravaged area. He’s going to wait until Tuesday. Sarah Huckabee Sanders also added:

‘We are coordinating logistics with state and local officials, and once details are finalized, we will let you know. We continue to keep all of those affected in our thoughts and prayers.’

Trump’s [lack of] response to Harvey is really only adding insult to injury at this point. After all, to date he has used time that should have been devoted to addressing Harvey, to instead pardon convicted racist Joe Arpaio, as well as finalize his newest act of institutionalized hate.

If Donald Trump would stop making things about himself long enough to actually lead, he might be able to accomplish something while in office. However, that would be too much like right and the pattern Trump has established is that doing what’s right is the not tops on his list.

Featured Image via Getty/Mark Ralston/Contributor