Houston Journalist Turns Hero; Rips Trump For Deplorable Hurricane Response Like A Boss


Hurricane Harvey made landfall along the Gulf Coast of Texas at 11:00 p.m. on Friday evening. Harvey hit land as a Category 4 hurricane with 130 mph winds and is the first major hurricane to strike U.S. soil in 12 years. Nonstop rescue efforts have been underway due to the immense flooding that continues to worsen. It is predicted that the rainfall could reach 50 inches in some places.

Now, the people of Texas are waiting on President Trump’s response especially one Houston sports radio host, John C. Lopez. He tweeted this:

‘My city is underwater. People losing everything. Unrelenting storm. Medical/1st responders on NO sleep. Thanks for book recommendation, tho.’

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Trump’s book recommendations can’t hold water at this point. Many people are unsure of what Trump’s true priorities. Josh Dawsey of POLTICO wrote:

‘Trump’s friends say he has a short attention span — he also tweeted about an upcoming trip to Missouri and his proposed border wall Sunday — but he sought to present himself as focused on Texas, posting online about the hurricane repeatedly. “Even experts have said they’ve never seen one like this!” he tweeted at one point. “Major rescue operations underway!” he wrote later Sunday.’

While everyone has their eye on Hurricane Harvey, it seems as though Trump might be using that as a distraction to push forth other items in his agenda while people aren’t paying attention. He just pardoned former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio and ousted national security aide Sebastian Gorka. Now, he is implementing orders for the military to remove transgender individuals. It doesn’t appear that his eye is on the storm.

The National Weather service has described Harvey as “unprecedented” and one meteorologist said:

‘The breadth and intensity of this rainfall are beyond anything experienced before.’

FEMA Administrator Brock Long said:

‘This is a landmark event for Texas. Texas has never seen an event like this.’

The effects of Hurricane Harvey are only projected to worsen. Rivers are expected to crest later in the week which will increase the flooding and could cause even more damaging effects. It will take an amazing amount of work and assistance to restore to Houston and its surrounding areas to normal after this devastating storm.

Featured image by Scott Olson/Getty Images.