Mexico Heroically Responds To Hurricane Harvey By Exposing Trump As A Soulless Monster


Donald Trump, in his desperate efforts to appear “presidential” and divert attention from the many scandals surrounding his presidency, has made a great show of how concerned and involved he is during Hurricane Harvey, a devastating natural disaster currently affecting large parts of Texas and its surrounding coastal areas.

His concern runs so deep that he paused in the middle of it to pardon the convicted criminal, Joe Arpaio, who detained and all but tortured people of Latino descent just in case they were in the country illegally.

In response to the devastation felt by so many Americans over one of the largest natural disasters in modern history, Mexican Consul General in Austin Carlos Gonzalez Gutierrez has been in contact with Texas Governor Greg Abbott on a regular basis. Despite Trump’s constant attacks on Mexico, who Trump insists is the “highest crime nations in the world,” the government of our neighbors to the south quickly proved that they have more compassion and more ability to recognize the suffering of human beings than the current leader of the free world.

Mexico offered its assistance during this disaster “as good neighbors should always do in trying times.” Gutierrez’s statement to the Dallas News pointed out that:

‘As we have done in the past, Mexico stands with Texas in this difficult moment.’

Mexico won’t pay for a border wall despite Trump’s endless promises to supporters on the campaign trail that he would somehow force them to, but they will offer aid to those suffering in Texas. This is not the first time that the nation that Trump somehow considers a foreign enemy has come to the rescue of Americans in need.

‘Twelve years ago, following Hurricane Katrina, Mexico sent troops and a vessel filled with food, medicine and water to aid victims in New Orleans.’

Somehow all of that aid and goodwill from Mexico was forgotten during Trump’s campaign while he insisted that leaders there were “not sending their best” and instead sent “drug dealers, rapists, and some of them I assume are good people.”

It sounds like those “good people” are actually far better people than the man elected to sit in the highest office in the land.

Featured image via Getty/Nicholas Kamm