Trump Caught Appearing To Profit From Texas Flood Victims; Instant Fury Unleashed


Hurricane Harvey reached landfall along the Gulf Coast of Texas late Friday night. Harvey pummeled the city of Houston, and The National Weather Service has deemed the flooding as “unprecedented.” As if President Trump’s slow response to the worsening effects of Hurricane Harvey wasn’t enough, it appears that now instead of trying to help the situation, he may be trying to profit from it.

Trump released several PSAs while wearing 1992-style trucker hats in all of them. He has been observed wearing his red and white hats which at first glance, do not seem out of the ordinary for Trump. However, Gabriel Snyder from The Atlantic noticed a pattern. On one day, he wore the white hat with “USA” spelled across the front, and then on Sunday, he wore the red hat with “USA” also across the front. Trump Caught Appearing To Profit From Texas Flood Victims; Instant Fury Unleashed Corruption Donald Trump Environment Top Stories

The hats are being sold for $40.00 each on Trump’s campaign website. Don’t be fooled to think Trump doesn’t put that money right into his pocket. Tina Nguyen writes in a Vanity Fair article last fall before the election:

‘As befitting a man who laughs in the face of impropriety, Donald Trump does not particularly care about the optics of using his campaign to boost his own businesses. In 2000, he told an interviewer that he “could be the first presidential candidate to run and make money on it,” a prediction he would fulfill 15 years later as he promoted, at various times, steaks, bottled water, golf courses, and, famously, in a media bait-and-switch, his new hotel in Washington, D.C.’

One POLITICO report found that Trump used his campaign money to pay his own businesses $8.2 million dollars.

It seems that the president would rather profit from a horrific disaster than do whatever he can to help the situation. It is expected that the flooding will worsen as the rivers crest towards the middle of the week, and it is predicted that there will be at least 50 inches of rainfall.

Featured image Alex Edelman-Pool/Getty Images.