Trump Throws Rex Tillerson Under The Bus To National Media; Rumor Of Replacement Surfaces


Donald Trump is in the process of driving off some of the best people in his administration. Now, the president has been putting out hints that he already has U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley lined up as a replacement to replace one of his top secretaries in particular.

Trump apparently has had his fill with his Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. After a meeting about Afghanistan, 45 commented in Axios:

‘Rex just doesn’t get it, he’s totally establishment in his thinking.’

On Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace asked Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to comment on the president’s reaction to the Charlottesville tragedy. Tillerson responded, referring to “American people’s values:”

‘I don’t believe anyone doubts the American people’s values or the commitment of the American government, or the government’s agencies to advancing those values and defending those values.’

Then, Tillerson responded:

‘The president speaks for himself.’

The expression on Wallace’s face told it all. Tillerson refused to speak for the president or support Trump’s clearly racist’s views. Friends of the secretary of state have said that they doubt Tillerson would finish out the year.

Conversely, POLITICO wrote that Haley responded differently on the same subject. She spoke with the president in a “personal conversation:”

‘Well, I had a personal conversation with the president about Charlottesville, and I will leave it at that. But I will tell you that there is no room for hate in this country. I know the pain that hate can cause, and we need to isolate haters, and we need to make sure that they know there is no place for them.’

The first time Trump met with Nikki Haley on Nov. 17, he wanted to give her the secretary of state job. She basically said no thanks. The reason was that she felt she did not have the foreign policy experience to do the job.

Jonathan Swan reported in Axios that one source told him:

‘We’ve been hearing for weeks, from sources  who’ve spoken to the president, that Trump is getting more and more fed up with Tillerson, who has still yet to staff his agency.’

The administration has been worried that Tillerson has not yet filled the top positions in the State Department:

‘Empowering only the tiniest inner circle.’

Spokesman for the secretary, R.C. Hammond spoke about Tillerson’s frustrations, according to Axios:

‘The system is busted. The Secretary sends over recommendations and they sit on the dock.’

The President should embody American

Featured Image via Fox News Twitter Page.