Monster Sized Inflatable ‘Trump Rat’ Heads Towards The White House; Tweet Tantrum Imminent


If there’s one thing we can say about Donald Trump, it’s that he’s obsessed with image. Both the image of his company and his own personal image. Indeed, most of Trump’s career, including his political one, has been built upon this image of him as a successful businessman who’s brand is synonymous with luxury.

Tying into this obsession with image is the fact that Trump doesn’t handle criticism or mockery very well. Granted, that could be said of plenty of people, but when you’re the president, you’re expected to have a bit thicker skin than the average person. That being said, we don’t expect Trump too kindly to the “Trump Rat” float that will be unveiled in D.C.

The work of artist John Post Lee, a New York art gallery owner, says he first conceived of the idea after Trump won in November. Lee was born in Philadelphia but has lived in New York for 30 years, which he says, is plenty of time to get to know the real Trump.

‘For those of us who lived through New York in the ’80s, Trump was no more than a sleazy, mean-spirited real estate developer that we were all wise [to] . … He represented a vulgar, tawdry opulence, style-wise — the-Gilded Age dictator-in-exile eclectic modernism.’

Lee has owned an art gallery in Chelsea for more than 25 years, but this is the first time he’s gotten involved in political artwork. He said that, after Trump’s election, he felt that he had to do something and realized that art was a way he could help.

‘I wanted to do something meaningful, and also something cathartic to help myself. This is what I know — I know how to help artists make things.’

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A sketch of the Trump Rat via Washington Post

The Trump Rat will make its D.C. debut Tuesday and will be there for two days. Given its close proximity to the White House, it’s a safe bet that Trump will see it. Perhaps we’ll even get a Twitter rant out of it.

Featured image screenshot from YouTube.