Racist Restaurant Owner Goes Full Stupid After Boycott Shuts KKK-Financing Doors


In the aftermath of the recent white supremacist fueled violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, that ended with three people dead, a number of communities around the nation have taken to looking inward in an effort to root out white supremacy at its roots.

It’s in this light that an Oklahoma town recently learned that their new police chief is apparently affiliated with far right causes.

Now, another town has seen a fixture of their community be outed as a supporter of white supremacy.

Santa Cruz, California, has hosted the O’Mei Chinese restaurant for decades, but it’s now closed after an investigation into public campaign finance records revealed its owner as a financial backer of infamous KKK leader — and Trump supporter — David Duke, of Louisiana. Duke ran an unsuccessful campaign for Senate in 2016 to which the O’Mei owner, Roger Grigsby, donated $500.

After being exposed by the San Francisco Bay View, Grigsby was forced to shut down his restaurant following widespread boycott announcements.

Grigsby hasn’t backed down from his support of white nationalist causes following being exposed. Rather, he has described the situation surrounding his exposure in frighteningly vitriolic language, telling a local news outlet:

‘We are just a token in a much larger process of terrorizing white European Americans into silence in what has come to be known as the “war on whites.” My campaign contribution was to one of the men supporting European American civil rights.’

Duke does not support “European American civil rights.” Rather, he supports the elevation of white people at the expense of everyone else. There is an important difference.

Other San Francisco Bay area supporters of Duke to be outed following Charlottesville were similarly vitriolically resolute in their response to being exposed.

For example, when pressed by the aforementioned San Francisco Bay View, Walnut Creek’s William Hubbel commented:

‘In this era of Communism, as the noose is tightening around our necks, we may be rounded up and shot in the back of the head. I decline to comment about my contribution to David Duke. I am not a member of the KKK, but I sure as hell am not a member of the Black Lives Matter movement either.’

The massive, glaring ignorance in that statement is just what Trump loves to exploit.

Watch a video report on the Santa Cruz O’Mei restaurant closing down below.

Featured Image via Screenshot from the Video.