Students Brutally Torture Classmate With Highly Racist Snapchat Attack (IMAGE)


Since Donald Trump’s election, racists in America have been given what seems like the all clear to come out into the open — just look at what happened earlier this month in Charlottesville, Virginia, where thousands of white nationalists rallied to “protest” the city’s plans to remove a statue honoring Confederate General Robert E. Lee, sparking violence that ended with three deaths.

Perhaps even more grimly, since Trump’s election, untold numbers of young people across the nation have been given a similar “all clear” to carry on with racism-driven bullying of their classmates that are members of minority communities. In the summer, Buzzfeed verified nearly a hundred incidents of Trump-inspired bullying at schools across the nation in the 2016-2017 school year.

The 2017-2018 school year has now started up and it’s not looking good — Trumpian racism-inspired incidents of racist bullying are continuing.

In Albuquerque, New Mexico, two juniors at Volcano Vista High School have been suspended following their posting of an edited, virulently racist image to Snapchat.

The image, posted to a school-wide Snapchat story, is of a class full of students. Those responsible for the image superimposed KKK hoods on all of the white students’ heads, leaving an African American student’s image alone.

The image was reported to school authorities by students who viewed it on the Snapchat story.

Adding to the disturbing nature of the case is testimony from the pictured African American student’s parents, Lamont Webb and Mary Morrow-Webb, that this incident isn’t the first time that their daughter has experienced racism at her school.

The Webbs say that their children have not been back to school since the picture was posted.

As for the students who posted the image, their initial suspensions last ten days, and one of them has been kicked off the school football team. Remarkably, the school district says that they have contacted local authorities to see if the students — who remain unnamed — should be charged with a hate crime.

Albuquerque Public Schools Superintendent Raquel Reedy told local media:

‘We took this to our police department. They came and investigated and are really looking very carefully at whether we should file charges for hate crimes. This is something we’re looking at very carefully because it’s this serious.’

Reedy also addressed charges from the pictured African American student’s family of past racism, saying that it should no longer be an issue because the school in question has a new principal who is committed to addressing the issue.

The whole thing is no doubt not helped along by the president of the United States saying that “fine people” were marching among KKK members in Charlottesville, Virginia while comparing the right wing marchers with left wing countervolcaprotesters.

Watch a video report on the image on the incident below.

Featured Image via Screenshot from the Video.