Reports Of Uncomfortable W.H. Disarray Say Tillerson May Be On His Way Out Soon


Many people have been viewing the Trump Administration like an episode of Survivor: White House Edition. Since Trump has become president, there have already been several firings or resignations within his staff. The question at the forefront of people’s minds now is “Who’s next to go?”

According to multiple sources, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is expected to resign early from his position. It sounds as though Tillerson and Trump are beginning to clash in many ways, and that Tillerson is becoming quite agitated with the president. Trump can’t be happy about a recent interview Tillerson gave with Fox News in which he was asked about Trump’s discourse about Charlottesville. Tillerson responded to Anchor Chris Wallace, saying:

‘The president speaks for himself.’

Therefore, implying that the rest of the country does not support the way Trump has spoken about Charlottesville or the values he has exhibited through his speeches and approach to the horrific events.

The Washington Post reported:

‘Many Trump insiders were aghast at the diplomat’s apparent denunciation of the president, but several senior White House officials said Trump’s frustration with Tillerson has been about specific policies. The Fox interview did not bother Trump, one official said, even though the president was upset about Cohn’s scolding of him to the Financial Times.’

Trump also clashes with Tillerson in that he thinks his policies are “totally establishment,” according to one Trump associate. Many people close to Trump say that they wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t stay in his position past January. One person called his departure “imminent” and said Tillerson’s resignation may even come way before January.

Some White House sources also reported that Tillerson has complained in private to Chief of Staff John Kelly about Trump’s recent controversies. Tillerson is a former Exxon Mobil CEO who is used to running things the way he sees fit and is not used to taking orders from someone with such an authoritarian personality like Trump.

However, according to The Washington Post:

‘Others, however, caution that Tillerson remains fully enmeshed in the administration. After having lunch with the president Monday, Tillerson sat in the front row of Trump’s joint news conference with the president of Finland and was a key member of Cabinet discussions focused on handling Hurricane Harvey.’

Watch Tillerson’s interview with Fox News here

Featured image by Cheriss May/NurPhoto via Getty Images.