Hilarious Video Of Trump Attempting Manual Labor Just Went Viral In 6 Seconds Flat


By now, President Trump has already been criticized for his bizarre Texas visits to help Hurricane Harvey victims — everything from his photo ops to statements made about the situation. While touring a shelter housing people who have lost everything in the storm, Trump was heard saying “Have a good time everybody!” to reporters. He also joked that his hands were “too big” to fit into a pair of gloves.

Now, a laughable video posted on Twitter by NBC News is making it rounds, showing Trump attempting to load a truck with supplies for Harvey victims. It might even be categorized as a teaching video on how not to load a truck!

The senseless president hands a big stack of buckets to a guy through his window, and then tries to shake his hand. What an awkward moment it must have been for the guy in the truck. As evidenced by this video and other situations Trump has encountered, he seems completely oblivious to his mistakes. Trump just turned around and went to grab more supplies and it seems that he may have loaded them appropriately at this point.

Here were some responses to the humorous video of Trump.

People already know Donald isn’t the sharpest needle in the stack. Most likely, he hasn’t ever done a day of hard labor in his life or helped a friend or family member move or haul something. In one way, laughter is helping many Americans get through having a wildly insane and incompetent person in the oval office. However, in another way, it is downright sad and depressing that the president of the United States is so out of touch with reality, especially out of touch with those now living with nothing due to the horrific flooding.

There are several ways that people can help Harvey victims. ABC News highlights several agencies people may donate to, including The American Red Cross, NVOAD, Catholic Charities, The Salvation Army and South Texas Blood and Tissue Center. People are also in great need of diapers and feminine hygiene products while living in the shelters. The Texas Diaper Bank is one agency helping with this.

Featured image by Win McNamee/Getty Images.