JUST IN: Russian Politician Makes Trump ‘Pee-Pee’ Tape Announcement That Could Change America


Although President Donald Trump will always be known as Putin’s puppet, some in Russia aren’t very happy with the United States’ orange figurehead and want retribution for sending several Russian diplomats back home to Mother Russia from their U.S. compounds.

The Independent reported Nikita Isaev stated that Russia does have compromising material on Trump and wants it released in response to the American government’s actions taken against Russia. The U.S. closed three compounds as a response to Russia reducing U.S. staff by over 750 people.

‘Speaking on Russia-24, Nikita Isaev, leader of the far-right New Russia Movement, said the compromising material should be released in retaliation over the closure of several Russian diplomatic compounds across the US.’

He also confirmed Russia had that compromising material when he said, “Of course we have it!”

What could they have, though? One speculation is that they could have the information detailed in the infamous Steele dossier. Among the many allegations noted in the file, the most notorious were allegations Trump hired prostitutes to fulfill his urine fetish.

The information was translated by Russian media monitor Julia Davis. She also noted several Russian politicians have appeared on state television and expressed their displeasure with the U.S. president.

‘Recently, Russian politician Sergey Stankevich sharply criticized Trump, saying the U.S. does not have a viable President and therefore, Russia doesn’t have a reliable partner in Washington, DC or anyone with whom Russia could negotiate.’

Additionally, she noted Stankevich called Trump “an elderly, barely competent, nervously weary, fussy man, who is more fit for show business or real estate transactions – not politics.”


She further reported that Russia hints they helped elect Trump in the 2016 presidential election. Russia’s 60 Minutes host Evgeny Popov exclaimed:

‘So why did we [Russia] elect such a President [Trump]?’

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Although she noted it could be seen as a sarcastic comment, the audience did not laugh. Furthermore, she wrote that Russia openly discusses the allegations of interference.

‘Russia’s election interference is a topic that is being discussed on state television with a great measure of defiance and irreverence. On the same show, one of the panelists asserted that “Russia influenced, is influencing and will continue to influence the outcome of elections in Germany.” The host happily added: “And all over the world.” Some participants argued this influence was based on Russia’s “persuasive foreign policy,” while others conceded that Russian hackers and planting or spreading derogatory information about Western politicians played a part.’

Obviously, Russia isn’t happy with the U.S. president they helped elect. We thoroughly understand their discontent with him, and we would love and encourage them to send us whatever compromising material they have on the man.

Featured image by Chris Kleponis-Pool/Getty Images.