Video Of Trump ‘Attempting’ To Lift Boxes Leaked To MSNBC; Host Erupts With laughter LIVE


Donald Trump likes to tell people he’s a builder. It’s his attempt at humanizing himself and triggering a vision of a man in a construction helmet sweating under a summer sun building America’s greatest buildings. During his second trip to hurricane ravaged Texas though, he proved he’s inept when it comes to the mere notion of the mildest forms of physical labor.

MSNBC’s Morning Joe had a jovial time making fun of the president Monday morning when it came to his physical labor skills. They began by showing a clip of Trump bragging that his hands were too big. Host Joe Scarborough immediately zinged the president when he said, “Yeah, for like a nine-year-old.” Co-host Mika Brzezinski remained silent; however, her face said it all.

They showed an image of Trump placing boxes in the back of a gold pickup truck. They noted that it made a great photo opportunity for the president. They went on to explain, however, that before the image of the president placing boxes in the bed of the pickup truck was snapped, Trump tried to hand the driver a large bucket through the window of his vehicle.

‘You just have to take it because if the president is putting it in the wrong place, “Here’s your bag of cement” and you’ve got a whole back there.’

In the video which can be seen in a CNN tweet, the bucket appeared to be about the size of the driver side window.

Scarborough did give Trump some credit for going a second time and helping out – although there was a hint of sarcasm in his commentary.

Though Trump should be commended for going down to Texas a second time (even if it’s a glorified photo opportunity), the video is solid evidence the man is out of touch with actual physical labor. That would be okay if he didn’t talk about being a builder so much at rallies.

You can watch the clip of Morning Joe below.

Featured image screen capture from video.