Michelle Obama Has Wardrobe Malfunction & Conservative Idiots Lose Their Minds


Can the Obamas do anything that normal folk can without harsh criticism being hurled at them? It would appear not. Back in 2014, then president, Barack Obama wore a tan suit to a White House briefing, and the world lost it. In 2009 Michelle Obama received plenty of pointed words about her choice to wear a sleeveless top.

Evidently leaving the White House has not given them any freedom in their fashion choices, however.

Photos surfaced of the former first lady on a trip to Spain, and people had some harsh words, mostly regarding the outfit she was photographed in. Obama was getting aboard a yacht during a visit with American diplomat James Costos in Mallorca, Spain.

The former first lady was photographed donning a white camisole and a leg baring patterned wrap skirt, with a high slit. While this may not be appropriate wear for the White House, Obama is no longer living there and was enjoying a vacation, in which she was planning on being on a boat. In that context there is absolutely nothing wrong with her outfit, in fact, the average American can be seen wearing a lot less during a day of boating.

Pictured: Michelle Obama
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Considering that the current first lady, Melania Trump, has nude photos can be found with a quick search on google, the criticisms of Obama’s attire is absolutely mind-boggling.

Not all of the comments, however, were pointed directly at Obama’s attire. Some people also felt the need to complain about the fact that she was traveling in the first place, as well as poke fun at the fact that Obama has a toned body, with many referring to the beautiful woman as a man, and even resorting to body shaming.

You can see some of the responses to Michelle Obama’s outfit below:


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