Racist Attacks Spanish-Speaking Mother & Daughter During Wild Altercation (VIDEO)


President Donald Trump swears he’s not racist. The problem, however, is that many of his supporters are. With his recent actions and responses to events such as Charlottesville, those supporters are emboldened and aren’t afraid to come out anymore and admit fully how they feel.

One supporter was beyond emboldened as caught in a video reported by KXII. Before recording, Maty Roberts was shopping when her daughter text her stating:

‘Hey mom I’m going outside, there’s a racist man in here and I can’t take it anymore.’

Roberts’ daughter and boyfriend were accosted by a man who yelled racial slurs and told them to get out of America. He was caught on tape saying things such as:

‘I don’t speak English, I don’t speak English, no comprende no comprende, you lousy speaking immigrant.’

‘Get that b**** out of here, get that b**** out of here. I’ll show you World War III, it starts right here.’

‘Immigrant, immigrant, immigrant. F***ing wetback.’

‘No, you’re speaking immigrant.’

Roberts posted the video to Facebook stating she would not tolerate bullying.

‘And I will stand and I will march but I will not put up with that kind of behavior.’

The man only identified himself as Jack.

If you can stomach the video, you can watch the graphic videos below.

Featured image screen capture from video.