Trump Supporter Goes On Deadly Rampage Against Innocent Homeless People


There is no denying that there is a stigma surrounding being homeless. People seem to view those who find themselves on the street as lesser beings than the rest of the world. Time and time again you will see violence in the news against homeless people, or see people publically making heinous remarks about those who are suffering.

In the case of 40-year old Jeremy Thacker, a Trump supporter from Oklahoma, it is both.

This week Thacker was arrested after running down a homeless man by the name of Shawn Birdo, who was doing nothing to aggravate Thacker. The man was simply taking a rest under an overpass. Sadly enough, Birdo was killed during this attack. Two other homeless individuals — Cynthia Wallace and James Russell — were also injured during the senseless attack, as they were sleeping under the overpass in close proximity to Birdo.

In addition to killing or injuring three people, Thacker also hit a man over the head with a pipe outside of a convenience store.

Thacker is currently facing charges of first-degree murder, as well as five related counts of assault with a deadly weapon.

Based on the posts that Thacker shares on social media, showing that he has a negative viewpoint regarding homeless individuals, police allege that the attack was deliberately against the homeless. Thacker was seen commenting on a photo of a man who was asking for food, saying “Get a job b*tch LMFAO.” It is also evident from Thacker’s Facebook page that he is an avid supporter of President Donald Trump, as he posted multiple memes in support of Trump.

You can view a video of Thacker’s arrest below.

Featured Image via Screenshot