W.H. Press Secretary Goes On ‘The View’ & Says The Dumbest Thing Ever (VIDEO)


The nation got a disturbing view into the White House’s mindset when it comes to the press this Wednesday with an appearance from White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on The View. To be sure, Sanders’ comments during her appearance weren’t necessarily surprising — but they were still disturbing.

Sanders is, apparently, the first mother to be White House Press Secretary. She took over after the infamous Sean Spicer resigned from the position earlier this year in protest of the appointment of Anthony Scaramucci to the job of White House Communications Director.

The View‘s co-host Whoopi Goldberg pointed this out to Sanders, asking her:

‘When you get those calls — “uh-oh, he’s tweeting, and it’s two in the morning” — how do you do everything with the kids and with your job?’

She quipped that she’s “already up,” so it’s an “easy transition.”

Speaking of her kids, all three of whom are under the age of six, Sanders then proceeded to comment:

‘They perfectly have prepared me to deal with the White House Press Corps. I get to answer the same question all day long, and I’ve gotten pretty good at saying no, so I think my kids have been a perfect foundation for my job.’

Goldberg just stared at Sanders, while audible gasps and nervous laughs emanated from the audience.

Maybe what Sanders said would be funny if it didn’t come at the tail end of a seemingly never-ending campaign from the Trump team to discredit the free press, an institution which is, of course, so integral to the United States.

Sanders is somewhat better at the Trump’s administration’s trademark propaganda-pushing than her predecessor was; she can do it with a straight face and stay out of ridiculous verbal sparring matches with the press seemingly much more easily. She’s more of the “calmly look you in the eyes and verbally rip you to shreds” type.

She spouted off propaganda during her appearance on The View, insisting when pressed about the president’s habitual lying by co-host Joy Behar that the television host was “pushing a false narrative” — even though the president’s lies are very well documented at this point.

Check out a video clip from Sanders’ appearance on The View below.

Featured Image via Screenshot from the video.